Why College Planning Helps Build Your Practice

During this time of economic slowdown and uncertainty throughout our country, many financial advisors struggle with getting in front of the same number of strong, qualified candidates they were comfortable with for so many years. The college planning market offers a very unique opportunity for advisors to once again avail themselves of vast numbers of new potential clients, eager parents who are more than hungry for opportunities to immediately implement and allocate monies into the best college planning vehicles for their particular family situations.

Here at 123College Advisors, we remain the only college planning company in the country that can truly get you immediately set up to enter the very lucrative college planning market and get in front of qualified and interested parents. We handle even the most tedious and sometimes confusing aspects of college planning for you, from start to finish, beginning with completion of the often-overwhelming FAFSA form, the long federal government form required in this country for all financial aid. Our 123College staff not only researches the best and most appropriate seminar venues in your geographic area, but also actually sets up your college planning seminars for parents of college-bound high school students, your new target market.

A tremendous off-shoot advantage of the college planning market is the great potential for sales to parents in two product areas most have, up until this point, probably never equated with college planning: life insurance and annuity products. This college planning market provides automatic life insurance and annuity leads for the advisor, especially when you are able to educate parents about the urgent need to place funds intended for college into vehicles which will not be assessed against the family in the college financial aid formulas when they are applying for financial assistance from colleges.

The obvious advantage to the family is that funds can be pulled out of both products (life insurance and annuities) IRS-tax free anytime they are needed, which offers the family a priceless peace of mind that monies for college will be there when needed, but are also not “wasted” in the event of unknown opportunities such as athletic or scholastic scholarships their child may be awarded just prior to college entrance. The obvious advantage to you is new clients for life, the parents and the generation beneath them, their new college student and soon-to-be college graduate.

In this continuing climate of economic uncertainly here in the United States, few opportunities exist for financial planners that offer the income potential the college planning market offers. We encourage you to strongly consider college planning if you want to get in front of more qualified prospects. Please feel free to contact us at 123CollegeAdvisors.com for more information.