Advantages of a Highly Targeted Niche Market

If a financial advisor could close his or her eyes, make one wish for a magic genie, and have that wish granted, no doubt that some form of that wish would involve the “perfect” client. We all know that the perfect client comes from the most highly targeted and highly qualified niche of the market the advisor can possibly access. A highly targeted niche market for the advisor is one of the most time-saving features of all, and the financial advisor as much if not more than a professional in any other field can certainly appreciate the old adage that time truly is money.

123College only targets clients who are parents of college-bound high school students who have an immediate need for our services in planning how to most cost-effectively send their child or children to college. We pinpoint that process so meticulously and thoroughly that we are the only college planning company who assigns each advisor a personal scheduling manager from 123College. This scheduling manager works specifically with you on an individual basis to set up workshops and seminars for you locally in high schools and other educational venues specific to your geographical area and needs. This individual customization truly sets us apart from any other companies that, at best, offer only very broad and general components of college planning.

As a financial planner, you will truly shine in front of your prospective clients at your college seminars, pre-set for you by your scheduler, as this unique audience of prospects is one in which you have instant credibility with before even uttering the first word of your presentation. Remember, you are presenting only to potential clients who have already been pre-screened specifically as parents who definitely need your services.

By addressing the immediate, identifiable need of these parents for college-planning cost minimization, you truly have a rare opportunity to receive undivided attention in areas such as life insurance and annuities that may have done nothing more than elicit a yawn from them in times other than these current and urgent college planning days. When presented with the flexibility and the fact that these financial vehicles provide a “holding place” to keep college funds from being assessed in student financial aid formulas in many cases, these same parents you were unable to get a brief introductory appointment with a year ago are now awaiting your recommendations with baited breath.

The closing success rate for the advisor is multiplied many times over when presentations are made to potential clients with such an immediate and identifiable need like college planning. Their child is going to graduate from high school shortly, so there is a timeframe they must adhere to in regards to these college planning decisions. Unlike putting off general plans for retirement savings or life insurance savings for “another time” when not so busy, these college planning discussions and actions simply cannot wait for a later date, and parents are keenly and anxiously aware of that fact. For example, offering an annuity to someone just because they purchased a CD dealing with the subject matter of annuities or because their 65th birthday is next month is just not the identifiable need that college planning with parents of college-bound high school students offers.

Few opportunities exist with prospects that offer the advantages of this highly targeted and specialized niche market like college planning.